More Images from The Tonight Show

I have added a few images of Katie behind the scenes of the Tonight Show this week.

Cinema Society Screening of All We Had

Last night the Cinema Society held a screening of Katie’s film All We Had in New York City. She wore a beautiful gown by Zac Posen for the event.

Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Interview

Katie’s family does their own form of caroling for the holidays!

Katie Holmes explains her family’s annual tradition of randomly calling people to sing “12 Days of Christmas.”

Stills from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Last night Katie was interviewed by Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show … always a good time!

Good Morning America Interview

Here are two clips of Katie’s Good Morning America interview from yesterday morning.

Katie Holmes Talks Her Directorial Debut | The actress discusses her new film, “All We Had,” live on “GMA.”

The “All We Had” star shared a festive holiday recipe for chocolate covered pretzels on “Good Morning America.”

Katie Arriving at Good Morning America

Yesterday morning Katie did an interview with Good Morning America. Here are images of her arriving for her interview. She event debuted a cute new haircut!

Thanks to Luciana for her help in finding some of these pics!

Katie Holmes reveals the message to her daughter Suri in her new movie

Katie did an interview with the Business Insider on her new film “All We Had” and talked about how she dedicates this film to her daughter Suri.

Katie Holmes has gone through many phases in her career. We first fell for her as the pretty girl next door on the late-’90s series “Dawson’s Creek.” Then she suddenly became one of the most recognized faces in the world thanks to her marriage to Tom Cruise in the early 2000s (they divorced in 2012). Now she’s forging a new chapter as a filmmaker.

After two short films — a 2014 AOL original on women who inspire her and the 2015 ESPN “30 for 30” “Eternal Princess” on Olympic gymnast Nadia Comaneci — Holmes, 37, has made an impressive feature debut with “All We Had” (opening in theaters and on VOD on Friday). Based on the Annie Weatherwax novel of the same name, it stars Holmes as Rita, a down-and-out mom who leaves the man she’s with to start a new life with her daughter, Ruthie (Stefania LaVie Owen).

Business Insider talked to Holmes about the challenges of making her first feature film, if she has any regrets about walking away from the Christopher Nolan-directed Batman franchise, and why she dedicated “All We Had” to her daughter, Suri.

Jason Guerrasio: When did you catch the directing bug?

Katie Holmes: I think it was around the time of doing those shorts. [Producer] Christine Vachon, I had a meeting with her, and she mentioned the short, this AOL short, and asked if I wanted to do one. Once I had an idea of what to do and how to do it and actually did it, I was like, “Oh, I can do that. That wasn’t so bad.” And then the next step was the “30 for 30,” and again that boosted my confidence enough to decide I’m going to do a feature narrative. And I was supported by my agency, and [producer] Jane Rosenthal has been an exceptional friend, and she produced “All We Had,” she encouraged me to do the “30 for 30.” So it was having people around me saying, “Go for it.” So here I am.

Guerrasio: When reading “All We Had,” did you get caught up with the story and characters or were you trying to figure out if this was a story you could direct?

Holmes: Well, when I read scripts and when I read books, it’s more of an emotional response and I was really drawn to these characters. The book was written from Ruthie’s perspective and I felt that there was a beautiful story to be told and one that was valuable and also one that was a size that I could do as my first.

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‘All We Had’ sees Katie Holmes giving all she has for directorial debut

The New York Daily News did a review for Katie’s directorial debut of All We Had.

Katie Holmes, who is undoubtedly more famous for her former coupling with Tom Cruise than any of her acting work, dumps her previous baggage and travels light in her directorial debut.

“All We Had” is a solid base hit as her first time behind the camera. From certain angles this movie might seem more like a “Saturday Night Live” parody of what a “festival movie” looks like, but judged on its own terms, the indie drama is not half bad.

Holmes stars as Rita, a broke mother of bright 14 year-old Ruthie (Stefania LaVie Owen), in bad need of a facial and some dental work. But beyond her rough edges — and, yes, with the aid of movie magic makeup, Joey from “Dawson’s Creek” can pass for destitute — Rita has boundless love for her daughter. After ditching her latest jerk boyfriend, and stealing his TV, they drive as far as their jalopy will take them, which is to a greasy spoon. Hungry and strapped for cash, they attempt a dine-and-dash, but the big-hearted owner Marty (Richard Kind) ends up offering them waitress jobs instead.

From there, “All We Had” switches into theater workshop mode, as characters drift in and out for cheeseburgers and coffee. Most notable is Luke Wilson as a dentist struggling with alcoholism who has eyes for Rita, and Marty’s transgender niece (Eve Lindley) as the would-be theater performer, Peter Pam. In time, the extended family of wounded individuals grows, despite the threat of poverty, addiction and prejudice.

Holmes’ first feature hums along at a decent clip, but there’s a predictable nature to the plot points, especially for movie-goers who watch a lot of independent films. No, there isn’t anything specifically wrong with this movie, but it’s near impossible to advocate for it too strongly.

Peter Pam’s YouTube videos, intended to bring the house down, are just vamping to old Queen songs.

But hold on a few more scenes and there’s an extraordinary moment between Lindley and Holmes; a tender connection between two overwhelmed women trying to keep their lives together in the face of a cruel world. “All We Had” isn’t fine cuisine, but sometimes that simple meals served-up at a casual diner are tastier than we realize.

Audemars Piguet Art Commission Presents “Reconstruction of the Universe”

Last night Katie attended the Reconstruction of the Universe event in Miami Beach, Florida.

Gotham Independent Film Awards

Monday night Katie attended the Gotham Independent Film Awards where she presented an award. She looked beautiful in a Red & Black Zac Posen Floral Embroidered Dress from his Spring 2017 Collection.

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